5 Best Mosquito Killer Reviews in 2018

5. EasyGo Zapper - Mosquito Bug Killer Trap


Exactly like the Vensmile, the EasyGo includes a comparable lantern design and contains a number of other similarities like versatility. EasyGo could be hanged or put on a desk meaning it can be used both inside and outside.

The bug zapper is however more suitable for indoor use. Other features include a high-powered 1,800 Watt UV bulbs which are mortal to bugs and. EasyGo also offers a removable tray for disposing of bugs. Running the EasyGo zapper is cost effective and won't affect utility bills significantly.

4. Eliminator Electronic Fly and Bug Zapper


The most impressive feature about the eliminator is it is magnificent compactness. The insect zapper does not occupy much space, and so it won't get on your own way. Eliminator is potent enough to cover a 5,000sq-ft area unlike other insect zappers in its price range.

The bug zapper can be silent when running so it won't wake up your infant or frighten away pets. Once bulbs are dismissed, it's a good idea to locate the bulb type recommended for replacing the blown out bulb. Otherwise, you are going to keep replacing the bulbs.

3. Teza Products Insect Killer Zapper- 40W Bulbs Super Powerful Zapper


Teza is among the costliest bug zapper in our inspection. Is the insect zapper worth it's cost? Let us find out. The main reason behind its highly exorbitant price is its magnetic transformer. Magnetic transformers are proven to be costly, as they're highly dependable and this is the case for this Teza.

The Teza brand has specialized in producing appliances with magnetic transformers. The transformer is fitted with a cooler enabling it to run more effectively and for longer intervals. Studies indicate that the Teza zapper can operate at 90 percent to 95% degree of efficiency throughout its 25-year lifespan.

2. PestiTech PTH-8 20W Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper


It is difficult to examine the PTH-8 and fail to mention its sleek aluminum body. All the bug-killing electricity is saved efficiently in an aluminum casing that also will come with a protective net for safely keeping pets and children away.

PestiTech is also eco-friendly. First, by increasing energy efficiency by over 30 percent and second by utilizing technology instead of using toxic chemicals to kill germs. Bugs have zero chance of survival when they come close to the powerful 2,000V UV output.

1. Aspectek 20W Electronic Bug Zapper


The Aspectek is one of the very bang-for-buck best electric bug zappers. Contrary to other zappers, it doesn't seem to have any unwanted feature. The highly-powerful 2.800 V dual-UV bulbs bring germs across a 6,000 square foot area and direct them to their demise. Aspectek is also safe and easy to use.

Actually, no maintenance is necessary besides cleaning the tray from time to time to eliminate the dead insects. The square design doesn't require much space in the house and won't get in anyone's way whether put on a desk or hung up high.

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